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Tired of trying to raise money selling the same old thing year after year, fundraiser after fundraiser? College Green Marketing can get you out of that old routine and turn your next fundraiser into an extremely profitable one.

Selling our GreenKleen Certified 100% degradable/biodegradable garbage bags for your next fundraiser is a great way to raise money while feeling good about what you are selling. From sports teams, to schools, to clubs or whatever your special cause my be - our garbage bags are ready to be the focus of your next fundraising event! The bags are useful, consumable, environmentally friendly and perfect for your great cause.

Benefits of Choosing College Green Marketing

What makes us better than other companies? Well some of the reasons include:

  • We have the experience of selling green products
  • We are a dynamic company that supports hard working students, the environment, and local communities
  • We are there to provide your group with help in selling the product
  • We have the exclusive distributorship of an incredible product
  • We are an innovative marketing company! We can help you promote your fundraiser in new and inventive ways!

Benefits of GreenKleen Certified™ Garbage Bags

GreenKleen Certified™ Garbage bags are a very unique product. They are some of the first degradable/biodegradable garbage bags on the market, and College Green Marketing has the exclusive direct distribution rights. Some other benefits include:

  • Your organization collects 35% of the pre-tax revenue
  • Selling a consumable product that is environmentally responsible
  • Quality Assurance: Canadian Technology. Quality bags made in China to
    GreenKleen Certified™ stringent specifications
  • High quality product with competitive pricing
  • 100% degradable/biodegradable. Degrades within 24 months
  • Reduced greenhouse gasses from landfill sites because of the controlled degradation
  • No controversial chemicals
  • Non-toxic residues and plastic fragment free after biodegradation

Types of Fundraising

When fundraising with College Green Marketing, you may choose from two distinct programs, depending on your organizations needs. There is the direct sale method, and the order form method.

Direct Sale: This program is quick and easy, it allows your fundraisers to sell directly to your customers with product in hand. You buy product from us and then sell it yourself and keep all of the funds you collect.

Order Form: This program allows you to take orders from the consumers, so you know exactly ho much product to order. Consumers pay for their purchases at the time of ordering to prevent losses if the customer cannot be reached again. (Both methods are explained in greater detail further on in this document.)

Although our fundraising methods may be different, one thing is the same: no matter which method you choose your organization keeps 35% of the pre-tax revenue as profit.

Get Started Now!

All you need in order to get started with your College Green Marketing fundraiser is to contact one of our "Green Team" members and let them know you are ready to start raising some money! If you haven't been in contact with one of our Green Team members then please email all inquiries to From there we will contact you and get busy planning your next College Green Fundraiser!



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