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Our GreenKleen Certified™ products incorporate our exclusive patented Trioxo-d® technology. GreenKleen Certified™ bags are designed with a controlled lifetime and when discarded will degrade using our Trioxo-d® technology, leaving no toxic or harmful residue.

Key Features of Garbage Bags Made With
Patented Trioxo-d® Technology

  1. Our GreenKleen Certified™ garbage bag products will degrade in landfills, photo degrade (through exposure to sunlight) in city streets and in the countryside, and begin to biodegrade in soil. Once active degradation begins the plastic becomes brittle (experiencing a loss in tensile strength and elasticity), breaks up into small pieces and then during the natural digestion process, turns itself into a food source for microbes and fungi. The plastic pieces are converted into energy, carbon dioxide, water and biomass. The Polyethylene products in the presence of moisture, microorganisms, oxygen and soil are biodegradable. (Per ASTM D6954-04).

  2. Trioxo-d® garbage bag technology is incorporated into standard plastic resins (detailed below). This allows polymers to be converted into environmentally acceptable polymers, extending further their range of applications.

  3. End products are more economical than competing biodegradable products. Degradable products incorporating our Trioxo-d® technology are substantially less expensive than competing (starch-based) degradable and biodegradable plastic products.

  4. A critical advantage is that Trioxo-d® does not alter the physical performance characteristics of plastic.

  5. During its useful life, a GreenKleen Certified™ bag manufactured with Trioxo-d® is indistinguishable in look, weight and performance from regular plastic bags.

  6. GreenKleen Certified™ garbage bags manufactured with Trioxo-d® contain no controversial chemicals or any components requiring special regulatory approval. They are also food contact approved (FDA - USA and SCF -EU).

  7. GreenKleen Certified™ products with controlled lifetime act like a molecular clock and the plastic will reliably degrade completely in months or years based on the specified life cycle of the plastic product.

To download a copy of the Trioxo-d™ Specifications please click the image below or
click here

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