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Budding Entrepreneurs Aim to Be Halton Region's
Biggest Employer of Students

Burlington, June 15, 2009 – Tired of hearing about fellow students with little or no prospects for summer employment, two Business undergraduates decided to start their own company, called College Green Marketing, hoping to employ 100 young people by summer’s end and do something positive for the planet at the same time.

Brothers, John and Tom Duff of Burlington heard about a plastic bag that can be used for household garbage yet degrades in less than 24 months and biodegrades within 3 years. They thought to themselves that students selling the bags door-to-door would be a great distribution method. Besides, students selling the product directly can potentially earn much more than the minimum student wage.

“People have to use plastic bags for garbage headed for the landfill site anyway,”
notes Tom Duff, who attends University of Waterloo and is President of College Green Marketing. “Why not use a bag that breaks down and eventually gets eaten up by microbes? We totally agree with biodegradable bags for compostable material but families still need to throw non-recyclable, non-compostable garbage into bags that get taken to the landfill site. We had the manufacturer make us kitchen, regular, large, Industrial size and even Doggie Clean-Up garbage bags. Now all we need are people to sell to consumers and business owners looking for a greener way to dispose of garbage.”

John M. Duff, a third-year student at Wilfred Laurier University and CEO of College Green Marketing, says,“We were impressed that the City of Vancouver and the University of British Columbia use these bags everyday. We’ve done the research and the patented ‘GreenKleen Certified’ bags are completely degradable. Setting up our own company was also a huge learning experience for us – something we could never experience by reading a textbook or case studies. We secured the direct distribution rights for eastern Canada and the United States, imported a container full of product, detailed a hands-on marketing strategy, developed a low-risk sales model and a created a dead simple roll-out for students even if they’ve never sold anything else before.”

The Duff brothers hope to hire at least 100 fellow students this year who share their entrepreneurial spirit, want to earn as much money as they can on a better than average commission basis, and enjoy selling a product that helps, rather than hurts, the planet. Plans to expand beyond the GTA are set for year two but that could change quickly depending on response. They have already had inquiries from the Boston area.

Students can work at their own pace, share in the learning experience of building a business, hear experts explain sales techniques and management strategies, be confident that they are promoting a green-positive product, and have fun working in teams covering neighbourhoods and cities.

For more information about College Green Marketing, to enquire about being a
Distributor for a new territory, or to apply for a position (no one’s been turned down yet), visit:


John M. Duff,
CEO, College Green Marketing

Tom Duff,
President, College Green Marketing

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