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The driving force behind College Green Marketing is our crew of dedicated and passionate employees - or what we like to call the GREEN TEAM.

Being a part of the Green Team entails more than being an employee for a company - being a Green Team member means being a part of something bigger. The Green Team is comprised of young, energetic and enthusiastic students who are dedicated to making a difference in the environment while earning money to support their education. At the same time, the Green Team will be helping support local communities by making a five cent donation to a local green initiative for every box sold. It is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for everyone involved! Be on the Green Team and become involved in a movement to help the world become a little greener. Our small steps CAN lead to big change.

What We Are Selling

GreenKleen Certified Garbage Bags
It may be hard to sell an undesirable product - but that’s the beauty about this job. We’ll be selling a great product. They are 100% Degradable/Biodegradable Garbage bags. The name of the product is GreenKleen Certified Garbage Bags. These garbage bags are used by the City of Vancouver as well as the University of British Columbia.

College Green Marketing is an exclusive direct distributor of GreenKleen Certified Garbage Bags. These are garbage bags - not compost bags that you have to use in the green bins. GreenKleen Certified Biodegradable Garbage Bags are designed for your landfill waste. These bags break down in landfills after about 18 to 24 months thanks to an additive in the plastic called Trioxo-d made by a company called EPI. Feel free to check out both the EPI and GreenKleen websites for more information.

The talk around here lately has been: “Of course it is important to use green carts and recycling, we encourage that! BUT, if you’re going to use a garbage bag - why wouldn’t you use one that biodegrades?” We have yet to find someone that can answer that question legitimately.

Join Our Team
If you are interested in joining the Green Team and becoming part of a great group
of students working together to earn for their futures while helping the environment,
please contact John or Tom Duff at:



Email John DuffEmail Tom Duff

Head Office
383 Pearl Street
Burlington, Ontario
L7R 2M8

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns
you might have.


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